I’m sure every year your house gets cluttered with Christmas cards from your family, friends, neighbours and workmates etc. - If so, this article is perfect for you! As we have 10 trendy ways you can display your Christmas cards this festive season without your home looking like a cluttered mess.

1. Pinboard Display

Got an old pinboard you don’t use anymore? Turn it into your very own Christmas card display by pinning them all over the board. It keeps you looking grateful for the cards whilst demonstrating it in an organised fashion also. If you don’t already own a pinboard, they are incredibly affordable - and after the holiday season passes you can continue to use it for things such as reminders, receipts, lists, letters, certificates, photos etc.

2. Christmas Wreath Display

There are many ways you can do this; you can buy a real wreath and then tie the cards onto it for a dangling effect, or you can create your own wreath using some pegs and materials of your choice. This creative choice can be a perfect festive holder that will last year after year (unlike real wreathes). It is not only decorative but inexpensive and easy to make as well!

3. Washing Line Display

Using some rope and some pegs, all you need to do is hang some on your ceiling or along the top of the walls, then connect the cards using the pegs! This creates a real washing-line sort of decorative style in your home - it looks traditional and handy, as well as keeping your home looking organised regarding the sideboards and cabinets etc.

4. Christmas Tree Display

Got some extra space on your Christmas tree? Display your cards on your tree to make it look extra festive! This display method is a good idea for those who don’t really like to go all out on the Christmas decorations - this way, you can keep all festivities and decorations into one corner. 

5. Book Card Holder

This idea is so creative yet so easy! Grab an old book and fold each page in half, this will create a 3D effect and will cause the book to stand in a semi-cylinder sort of way. You can then slot your Christmas cards inbetween each folded page, to create an organised, fun display to keep your cards, all in a professional, traditional sort of fashion.

6. Shelf Display

If you don’t fancy getting creative this festive season, a really simple idea is to just hang the cards on shelves around your home. Due to its heightened structure, it wouldn’t look cluttered to have a number of cards on each shelf around the home. That is, of course, if you have shelves… 

7. Light Display

This fanciful display gives off quite a Tumblr vibe! Hanging some Christmas lights in a patterned structure, then clipping your cards (using pegs or paperclips etc.) onto them will really light up the room with Christmas spirit! What’s even better is after the Christmas period has passed you can replace those cards with photos of the best memories - a year-round display!

8. Ski/Sled Display

Got any old skis or even a sled? Use it to create the ultimate Christmas card sentiment. This idea is so fun because it suits perfectly with the Winter season - anchor your choice to the wall then weave a few pieces of strings to the set. In the end, you will have a vintage, unique display with YOUR name on it.

9. Framed Display

Use your creative skills by creating your very own framed Christmas card display! All you need to do is find yourself/purchase a picture frame (relatively big) and then hang your cards however you want to in there! It truly creates a sentimental vibe all in one part of your home. So you are left without the stress of finding places to put your cards. You can see some more ideas by visiting here.  

10. Wall Art

Using washi tape (a decorative, coloured adhesive tape), you can create your very own wall art with your own Christmas cards! As it’s Christmas, it would be very festive to create something relevant such as a tree, Santa Claus or even a snowman! It looks awesome and can be a great few hours for you and your children to create.  

Have a great Christmas!

Thank you for reading.


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