Winter is the season where the days become shorter and the nights become colder - but that doesn’t necessarily mean the winter months have to be boring for you and your kids; We have gathered 10 exciting things to do to keep your children entertained in the Winter, whether you choose to be inside or outside!


  • Build a snowman - When it snows, it’s a necessity to build a snowman! Roll some big balls of snow, build it together, find some eyes, a carrot for the nose, sticks for arms, and wrap him up warm with a hat and scarf! It’s a great few hours with the kids enjoying the cold weather outside, and you can even host a sculpture competition with your children, friends or even with some of the neighbourhood! 
  • Shovel snow for someone - For some, snow is a rare and fun opportunity to play outside till your toes feel like they are about to fall off! On the other hand, there are a lot of people who struggle during the Winter, especially if there was a large amount of snowfall this season. So, why not take advantage of your healthy, youthful self and clear some driveways for neighbours who aren’t well enough too. This way, you’ve done a good deed and they aren’t trapped in their home all Winter.
  • Go sledging - Wrap up warm, grab your sledge, find a big hill, and sledge straight down it - It’s endless amounts of fun, the bigger the better, essentially! Again, you need snow for this (otherwise it would be rather muddy) but due to the minimal snow the UK gets, you know we've got to take good advantage of it when it arrives. 
  • Stargazing - Regardless if it’s been snowing or not, the Winter night sky provides you with thousands of gorgeous, glistening stars shining above you. So, grab some hot chocolate, wrap up warm and head outside to do some stargazing.
  • Snowball fight - Show them how it’s done with a classic snowball fight. Find yourself a fort/hideout, make a snowball and challenge your opponents - it’s great fun, just be careful!


  • Baking - Imagine… Coming home from the dark, cold night to see a hot plate of warm, tasty treats waiting for you to gobble! Furthermore, if you decide to stay inside, why not help mum and dad cook up dinner, or maybe even bake a cake! This is a great idea as not only is it a fun few hours with the family, but you get something delicious to eat afterwards.
  • Homemade Christmas decorations - Channel your inner creativity and get involved with some arts and crafts. You can make anything, but a great idea to get into the festive spirit would be to make your very own Christmas decorations. Whether it’s a card, a Christmas ball (or bauble), or even a present for a family member or friend. 
  • Read a book - If you enjoy reading, or used to, the Winter days would be a great chance to get back into it. With thousands of books available to buy online, there is an endless selection to choose from, from mysteries to children’s themed, all at great prices too! There’s no excuse here!
  • Movie day - If reading isn’t your thing, maybe films are? Put the kettle on, dim the lights and get snuggled on the sofa with your family to watch some great films. Regardless if its a Christmas film or even a horror, there’s no better feeling!
  • Play some board games - If you are feeling competitive host a fun games night with your friends or family - Monopoly, Cluedo, Scrabble, Sorry!, Snakes and Ladders, Game of Life - there are thousands to choose from, and you can even play digitally on your phone or on console now.  

Thanks for reading, enjoy your Winter!

10 Things For Kids To Do This Winter Feature