Don’t fancy going out with your other half on V-Day? We completely understand if you prefer a PJ and takeaway night in rather than dressing up and going out for the night. After all, it’s not about what you do, it’s about who you spend it with. That’s why we have come up with 14 fun ways you can spend Valentine's day with your other half from home, so you can enjoy Valentines Day 2019 as much as the dressed-up couple in a fancy restaurant.

1. Baking

Spend some quality, messy time together by doing some baking in your very own kitchen! Whether you have a passion for cooking or simply love eating together, you can enjoy a couple of hours baking delicious treats such as cookies, cakes, brownies and cupcakes. After creating your batches, you can then deliver them to the rest of your family with cute little Valentines notes - it’s a wonderful, loving gesture.

2. Candle-lit Dinner

If baking isn’t exactly your thing and you fancy something a little more romantic - dim the lights, set the tablet, light the candles and prepare a tasty home-made dinner for you and your other half. Whether it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet or a fancy three-course meal, your Valentines date should be very impressed, and it’s under the perfect, most quiet conditions where you two can spend some quality time together. 

3. Movie Marathon

If you both love your movies, or maybe you have a series you want to begin watching, re-watch or catch up on, V-Day is the perfect night to do so. Simply shut the curtains, grab some snacks and blankets, get in your PJs and cuddle up on the sofa for a cosy night in. There are millions of films out there that you and your other half can sit, relax and watch, whether it’s a Harry Potter marathon or even a Friends marathon, we hope you have a great night!

4. Pamper Day

Draw a hot bath filled with rose petals, pour two glasses of red wine and slap on some face-masks for a spa’d night in. This Valentines Day, an excellent idea would be to transform your home into your very own private spa. Set up fresh, silky bed covers, massage sessions and face masks and pleasure your other half with some fun, relaxing treatments. After all, it’s still a working day, so this is probably exactly what they needed.

5. Quiz Night

Design your very own His & Her couple game by coming up with some fun rounds and questions all about you and your other half! Turn on some funky music, prepare a prize and test one another’s knowledge on each other to overall have a competitive, entertaining night in. 

6. Games Night

If a quiz isn’t your style, why not have a games night? Set up some Monopoly, Cluedo, Game of Life or even your console and compete with your lover to see who’s the best gamer out of the two of you. With so many games on offer for the night, you will have plenty to keep you well entertained.

7. Fireside Picnic

We absolutely love this idea! If you have a fireplace, throw some logs in, light it up and enjoy your very own homemade picnic in front of it. It is the ultimate cosy date, with the warmth hitting you, the tasty food prepared right in front of you and he/she sat right beside you. Here is our little tip though - we wouldn’t recommend packing any chocolate!

8. Propose!

This might be a bit too much for some of you, but if it’s been on your mind for a while and you need a little boost of inspiration, do it! If you love your other half and are fully prepared to spend the rest of your dedicated life with them, what’s more romantic than a V-Day proposal?! We wish you the best of luck.

9. Hide Secret Notes

If you love romantic gestures, a great idea for around the home would be to hide some secret, loving notes around the home for him/her to discover, read and have a huge smile on their faces. Whether you tell them like a scavenger hunt or keep it completely quiet for them to discover themselves, this is a beautiful way to express your feelings in a romantic gesture.

10. Have a Cooking contest

We are bringing back the food ideas - you know what they say, nothing makes a heart skip as food does! If you like the idea of a V-Day competition, why not have your very own cooking contest. Cook each other a starter, a main course and then a dessert and rate each other on their efforts. It’s like a couples Come Dine With Me moment, and can be great fun for those couples passionate about food.

11. Reminisce

Do you have a box of memories or photos lying about in your home somewhere? Open it up! Have a little reminiscing session with your lover as you look back on your whole journey together. From your first photo together to holiday souvenirs, you can share laughs and tears as you look through your story all over again. 

12. Plan a Holiday or Event

This isn’t necessarily a “date”, but it certainly plans one. Whether you want to get away or maybe just go to a concert or a zoo, planning is always very exciting with your other half, especially when your enthusiastic selves bounce off of each other so well. So, if you don’t fancy a date, this day gives you something to get excited for and ensures your plans for the future.

13. Do some gardening

If it’s a nice day, you can go give your garden some TLC if it is long overdue. Mow the lawn, plant the bulbs, jet wash the fence and decking, resurface, repaint and repair the exterior of your home. This can not only be a fun little DIY date, but it gets things done.

14. Have a lazy day

And last, but certainly not least, have yourself a lazy day. Get the day off of work and spend the day in bed with him/her. With breakfast in bed, movies, takeaways, pyjamas and cuddles, this can be a perfect date idea for your Valentines day 2019. 

We hope this article inspired you with some romantic ideas, have a good Valentines Day!

Thanks for reading.

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