Oh, childhood....those were the days! Playing with your friends and being spoilt rotten by your family! At Giggs&Co we’ve been reminiscing about the wonder years and what we used to get up to. Here are 15 childhood games we played as kids, how many of these games did you play as a child?

  1. British Bulldog

British Bulldog, or ‘Take Down Bulldog’ was a thrilling tag-based game involving originally a single bulldog (the tagger) who stood in the middle of a pitch. Everybody else stands at one end of the pitch, with the aim of the game being to get to the other side of the pitch or designated area without being tagged by the bulldog. If you were unlucky enough to be tagged, you join the bulldog as a tagger for the next go. Children run from one side of the pitch to the other each round, until every person has been tagged.

  1. Kerby

Kerby was a classic pass-timer, involving at least two people standing on each edge of a kerb facing one another. The game requires throwing a ball in turns, if a player misses the kerb then the second player has their turn. If the ball hits the kerb cleanly and bounces back to a player then they score a single point. After scoring, a player keeps possession of the ball and takes a step into the middle of the road. It is their turn again to cleanly hit the kerb. The winner is the person who hits the kerb cleanly 10 times in a row (there are alternate rules for Kerby!).

  1. Tag your It

The classic and simple tag game that you will definitely have played! Tag your It involves a person being ‘It’ who chases people, once a person is tagged, they become ‘It’ and have to do the same.

  1. Forty Forty in

Forty-Forty-In involves players choosing a base camp, where the objective is to get back to base without being seen. Players who are not ‘It’ run and hide, while those who are ‘It’ count to a certain number. After the time is up, the players hiding try and get back to base without being seen, once at base they must declare “Forty Forty In!”

  1. Stuck in the mud

In a variation of classic ‘Tag your It’, Stuck in the Mud involves at least two people who are ‘on’ (depending on the size of the group playing). These players need to tag everybody else, who once tagged are ‘stuck’, they must stand with their arms out and their legs wide. Those who are stuck can be unstuck by somebody running through their legs or under their arms. This heart-racer was always great fun!

  1. What’s the time Mr Wolf?

One child is selected to be Mr Wolf who stands at one end of a play area. All other players are stood at the other end of the play area. Mr Wolf turns his back to start the game where the other players call out ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’. Mr Wolf then turns around and answers at a time, for example, ‘6 o’clock’. Mr Wolf then turns back away again, whilst the players advance towards the wolf. The children keep asking Mr Wolf for the time, Mr Wolf can choose to give a time, or when the other players are closer, at any point Mr Wolf can go ‘It’s dinner time!’ At this point Mr Wolf can chase the players back to where they started, hoping to catch at least one person. If somebody is caught they will become Mr Wolf for the next round of the game.

  1. Hide and Seek!

In traditional hide and seek one person counts whilst other people hide in the environment, this could be outside or inside a home! The person allocated to find people must turn away and count to a certain number. Once the time is up, they will shout “Ready or not, here I come!” Those that are hiding must be ready at this point, and if found they will join the hunt to find the remaining players! The game ends when everybody has been found, with the first person to be found being the next person to count and seek!

  1. Duck duck goose

Duck Duck Goose involves everybody sitting in a circle. One person is stood up and goes round the outside of the circle tapping people on the head. Each tap the person can say ‘Duck’ or “Goose’, if a person is tapped and called ‘Goose’, this person must get up and try to catch the person who is running around the circle. The person who tapped the Goose on the head must try and get back to where they were sitting before being caught. If successful, the person tapped Goose now becomes the tapper.

  1. Musical chairs

Musical chairs is a game that involves a number of chairs, where the amount of chairs is one fewer than the amount of players playing. Players stand in a circle next to the chairs, when music is played, the players will walk around the chairs until the music is stopped. At this point, the players must race to sit in a seat where one person will be short of a chair. This person is out of the game and a chair is then removed!

  1. Pass the parcel

In Pass the parcel, children are sat in a circle, where a present is handed to one child. Music is started and the children pass the parcel around the circle to their left as the music continues. When the music is stopped, whoever is holding the parcel undoes one layer of the wrapping. The music then starts up again until all the wrapping has been removed and a present is revealed. The child with the present last keeps the present!

  1. Chinese whispers

In Chinese whispers everybody sits in a circle, one person begins by whispering a word or phrase into the ear of the person sitting or standing next to them. This is continued until the phrase goes all the way round the circle and returns back to the last player (sitting before the person who started the game). The game is to see if the word or phrase has been changed in transition!

  1. The floor is lava

This was a great game! The floor is lava can be played by all ages, where players imagine the floor or ground to be made of lava. This means players must get from one place in a room or house to the other without touching the floor! This requires using creativity and teamwork, such as using pillows as stepping stones to move from room to room!

  1. Building a fort

Another way to get creative with pillows is to build a fort! Use anything you like, from pillows, cushions, a duvet or blanket to build a fort! Turn sofa cushions upright to have the foundations of a den and build around it and on top of it for ultimate comfort!

  1. Wink murder

In Wink murder, a selected player leaves the room and plays the role of detective. The remaining players select a murderer who will try to ‘kill’ off the other players by winking at them undetected. When the detective comes back into the room, it is their aim to state who the murderer is, whilst the murderer must wink at players secretly, causing them to dramatically drop and play dead around them!

  1. Sleeping lions

Sleeping Lions is another children’s game we wish we could play as adults! All but one or two players are “lions” who must lie down on the floor with their eyes closed, as if they were asleep. The remaining players standing must go around and attempt to wake the sleeping lions up!


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