1. Play out with friends

If you were lucky enough to live close to your friends, it was a common occurrence that the doorbell would ring! Afternoons after school would be filled with friends coming to the door asking to ‘play out’!


  1. Conkers

Conkers was a game commonly played in the school playground when the conkers fall in late September time. All you needed was to find your perfect conker and to thread a piece of string around it. Two players take it in turns to hit each other’s conker whilst it is held vertically from the string. The winner is the person whose conker survives!

  1. Water gun fights

Always great fun in the summer! Water fights can break out with any number of people, anywhere can become a battle zone where two teams must try and soak the other team as much as they can!

  1. Hanging upside on monkey bars

A common sight on the school playground, children would always be hanging upside down with no care or fear in the world! Why did we lose it?!

  1. Collect toys from cereal boxes

Looking back at the number of toys we would have from cereal boxes, we now realise it was an incentive to eat the most important meal of the day! Either way, we loved collecting goodies!

  1. Dodgeball

A game usually played in later childhood, dodgeball was always a crowd pleaser at school! Dodgeball involved a row of light volleyballs in the middle of a court. Two opposing teams would stand at either side of the pitch, and on the blow of a whistle, they must race to get the balls. Those with the balls must try and throw a ball at the other team if they are hit they are out! Those out must sit on the bench, but these players can come back into the game if a dodgeball is caught when thrown at a member of their team. Dodgeballs can also be held and used to block balls being thrown at you. This game got the heart racing!

  1. Meet your friends at the bin to sharpen your pencil

We don’t know about you, but we always found the need to sharpen our pencils at school… this is because this was a secret meeting spot to have a good chat with your friends!

  1. Coloured in a whole whiteboard just to rub it out

The real reason why the whiteboard pens never had ink! A secret desire in every child was to colour in the whole whiteboard, or to outline the corners of the board! It is surprising how we never got told off!

  1. Pass notes in the classroom

Another detective-type game was to pass notes to those in your classroom! This may have been because you and your best friend were separated from sitting next to one another. This never stopped you!

  1. Play rounders

One of the most popular games to play on a large field of grass. All that was needed was a bat and a ball and any items that can resemble bases. Teams would compete with one team having a bowler and fielders and the other lining up taking it in turns to bat. Once a ball is hit, the batter must drop the bat and run around the bases, they can stop at any base they like. It is the fielders objective to either catch the ball when it is in the air or to get the ball to the base that the batter is running towards. If the base is touched with the ball before the batter gets there, they are out!

  1. Space hoppers

I wonder if us adults would fit on one of these now? Space hoppers were seen all over the playground and in our homes!

  1. Leapfrog

Leapfrog involved you crouching over whilst your friend leaps over you. You then can stand up and leap over them! This game just never got boring...

  1. Tree climbing

This one is self-explanatory! An obsession with nearly every child was to try and climb up the biggest trees... I don’t know how we were never scared?

  1. Marbles

Playing Marbles involved drawing a circle in chalk on the playground ground and putting marbles inside them. Players knelt by the outside of the circle and took it in turns to ‘shoot’ a marble at one of the marbles in the circle. If a marble is knocked out of the circle you gain one point!

  1. Rubik’s Cube

Did you have one? Found in nearly every home nowadays (usually not completed) Rubik’s Cubes are a classic game involving a cube of six faces with blocks with different colours on. The aim is to twist and turn the Rubik’s Cube to complete it by having one single colour on each side. This is very hard to do, it is a puzzle after all! See if you can find a Youtube video to make it all easier!


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