There are hundreds of dining opportunities located in Cambridge, including restaurants, cafes and take-outs - and whether it is fine dining or a quick bite to eat, there is something out there to beat your cravings. 

This is not an article based on the “Top 20” restaurants in Cambridge, because we believe every dining opportunity is a new and exciting one. Therefore, we have narrowed down a list of 20 unique restaurants, located in Cambridge, based on recommendation and variety.

1) The Cambridge Chop House

With smiley and efficient service, the Cambridge Chop House is the perfect visit to enjoy traditional, proper British food, such as a succulent steak! With gorgeous views of the King’s College, you can find this restaurant on King’s Parade, and experience, with your friends and family, a delicious British meal.

2) Don Pasquale

Located on Market Street, you can embrace true Italian cuisine in the heart of the city, joined with friendly service. Opened in 1973, Don Pasquale is a restaurant, pizzeria and Gelateria all in one concept.  

3) Midsummer House

A traditional, fascinatingly historical restaurant located in Midsummers Common. It’s safe to say that fine dining would be an understatement in this environment, with a sophisticated dining room offering a divine lunch and tasting menu. 

4) Rainbow Cafe

This King’s Parade cafe is a definite must for vegetarians and vegans, as the menu offers a wide selection of appropriate dishes. You need a little flavour and fun in your dining experience, and the Rainbow Cafe provides just that.

5) The Blue Lion

The recent Winner of the Cambridge News Food and Drink Award Pub of the Year Category, the Blue Lion Inn provides customers with not only a great service of food but accommodation as well, so as well as a good nights sleep, you can also enjoy a tasty breakfast in the morning too! With surrounding backdrops of the stunning Yorkshire Dales National Park, the must-visit restaurant is located just outside of Cambridge, in Hardwick. 

6) Galleria Restaurant

Located in the iconic corner of the city, Bridge Street, this authentic restaurant is a great experience for those who are satisfied by international dishes. With beautiful views of River Cam, this restaurant offers high-quality food and service, with additional menus for dairy-free and gluten-free customers as well.

7) Sticks ’N’ Sushi

Wheeler Street’s very own sushi restaurant, inspired by traditional sushi and yakitori sticks from the grill. So, if you are looking for a company providing high quality, fresh sushi, this is the perfect Cambridge visit for you. 

8) La Mimosa

This riverside-located restaurant offers exquisite Italian dishes and happy, efficient customer service. Found in Thompsons Lane, this restaurant is not part of the chain, so is family owned and run, so be sure to expect a homely, warm welcome and a family-friendly experience.  

9) Smokeworks

There are two of these restaurants in Cambridge - in Free School Lane and Station Road. Definitely not for the faint-hearted, you can enjoy a large selection of BBQ, meat, beer, milkshakes and more meat! All delivered with a hardcore, fun service.

10) Varsity Restaurant

Also known as Cambridgeshire’s oldest restaurant, this traditional restaurant has recently had a modern makeover, and is ready for all of those hungry shoppers ready for a quick lunch or fancy dinner. You can find this restaurant on St Andrews Street, within walking distance of the Grand Arcade shopping centre. 

11) Bread and Meat

Located in Bene’t Street, Bread and Meat is a fun and tasty restaurant found in the heart of the city. With working specialists of roast meat sandwiches, you can take away a meaty feast for breakfast, lunch or even dinner! You can also appreciate the great coffee, wine and beers, too. 

12) The Olive Grove

This restaurant, found on Regent Street, is definitely highly-recommended by Cambridge locals. Opened in 2013, you can appreciate a menu filled with traditional Greek food, as well as gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian menu selections also. Try something new by ordering some gorgeous greek cuisine, such as an Arni Filleto with a side of rice and green mixed salad.

13) Charlie’s Coffee Company

Independent and family owned, this humble restaurant on Burleigh Street offers an odd yet awesome selection of coffee, cakes, pizza and beer. The unique variety of the menu clearly catches the eye, as Charlie’s Coffee Company welcomes families and workers every day, all with open arms.

14) Taj Tandoori

Looking for an Indian restaurant in Cambridge? There are loads located on almost every street of the city. With Taj Tandoori as an example, this restaurant is an epic location for parties or celebratory purposes, all according to the customers themselves. You and your family or friends can enjoy the Indian dishes in the restaurant, or you can collect it or get it delivered to enjoy it at home.

15) Bedouin

Want to try something new? The Bedouin restaurant will take you on a journey to the Sahara Desert, where you are provided with fresh, delicious North African Cuisine. Unique, I know, but it’s perfect for those who enjoy multi-cultural foods. 

16) Aromi

This Sicilian cafe can be found on Bene’t Street, where you can enjoy gorgeous, blended coffee and Artisan bakery selections, with great hospitality and delicious snacks. 

17) Vedanta 

Vedanta, located on Regent Street, offers a gorgeous atmosphere and mouth-watering menu portraying Hinduism. They aim to redefine Indian cuisine to the public, providing you with a great religious essence to your dining experience in Cambridge. 

18) Nanna Mexico

If you really enjoy your Mexican food or would like to try it - Nanna Mexico is a great opportunity to do so, as they have the inspiration to buy fresh, cook simple and waste nothing. They have a great story, that you can learn about on their About Us page on their website, and it is truly inspiring. What more can you want from a Mexican restaurant?

19) Yippee Noodle Bar

Found on King Street, this authentic and fun noodle bar is a great place to visit in Cambridge, especially if you enjoy your noodles and saying the word “Yippee”.

20) Cote Brasseries

And last, but certainly not least, is the Cote Brasseries, a French restaurant inspired by the brasseries in Paris. You can enjoy the exquisite dishes that are adored by the French, that you now can too, on Bridge Street.


Thank you for reading, be sure to explore and experiment in any other restaurants in Cambridge, and get back to us!

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