First impressions are very important when you are viewing a potential home. That’s why its crucial that the outside of your home looks just as good as the inside. Here are some simple ways you can prepare your garden ready for the summer.

  1. Curb Appeal

Keeping the outside of your home looking clean and manicured will send a positive message to potential buyers. If you are preparing your garden for viewings, there are a few ways you can create instant curb appeal:

  • Take care of the greenery - add some small trees by the door, mow the lawn, trim those hedges. The presentation of your greenery will make the property look neat and tidy. Also, you can add colourful plants in the best spots - where light is exposed and where they will stay hydrated, to keep them looking decorative and stunning all summer.
  • Install lighting - Outdoor lighting is one of the biggest and latest trends in exterior design. This is probably because it adds warmth and will make the property look modern, which is always a bonus. Furthermore, if you wanted to be eco-friendly and save any hassle, install solar panelled lights.
  • Clean the house - Cleaning the outside of your home can make your property look fresh ready for your visitors. For instance, a simple wipe of the front door and the windows can do the trick - if a potential buyer arrived and approached an unattractive door, then they aren’t going to have a good initial feeling on the property and will probably dwell on it for the rest of the visit. 
  • Tidy the driveway- If you own a driveway, it can be a great idea to tidy it up to add extra presentation to the front of your property - like I said earlier, first impressions are very important. Therefore, tidying your driveway can involve just a simple sweep or filling in any potholes. 
  • Jet wash - Clean away any fallen blossom from spring using a jet wash on any deckings, pavements or any surface that is required.

2) Garden Furniture

Owning garden furniture makes the garden look vibrant and appreciated, so when potential buyers visit, they will notice the garden is taken care of, which can be a minor or major attraction depending on the visitor's opinion(s). Whether it's a table and chair or a summer swing, your furniture can have an emotional impact on your viewers.

3) Don’t overwhelm your viewers

Despite the last two tips, if your garden is overwhelmed with too many plants and furniture, your property may come across as cluttered, which will definitely unimpress buyers. Therefore, keep it minimal by digging up any intercepting plants, and store away any old, unclean furniture, at least until viewings are finished. 

4) Remove and Revive

If your garden is too dry to grow it probably means your soil is dehydrated, which can be a big turn-off for anyone. Grab some ingredients like manure or compost, anything rich in nutrients, then lay it down in your garden after you have gently dug and hosed down the dry spots.

However, before you even think about re-hydrating your soil, you need to remove any weeds or unwanted plants. 

5) Repaint

Repainting can really add a fresh touch to your property. Whether it’s repainting the decking, the fence, the front door or even the building itself (from weather damage), it will definitely increase the chances of a good initial impression from a buyer. So, when the visitors get out of their car and view the property from the entrance, they will recognise a new property that has a blank canvas, not a property that has had previous owners, a previous use. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, it's always nice to start something that hasn’t been started already. 

Thank you for reading, best of luck with your home.

5 Ways To Get Your Garden Ready For Summer Selling Feature