Sure, it may still be January, and snow is still a potential, but there is nothing wrong with a little preparation! The interior of a home has become increasingly important to homeowners over the last few years, and you have probably seen a variety of blogs and articles discussing the latest trends for the year or season. That’s why we have collected a few ideas of our own that can help spruce up your home for Spring, or at least some inspiration anyway.

1. Reframe!

Take down those frames of your art pieces and photographs and replace them with a much bolder, brighter frame. In Winter, the big trend regarding framing was dark, matte framing, with no detail - something simple to bond with the harsh weather conditions and its atmosphere. On the other hand, Spring is the time of the year where nature is restored, rejuvenated and sunny again, so why not invest in some framing that will compliment your walls, making the room look more colourful and happier ready for the Spring season.

2. Statement Ceilings

A new trend that made an entrance mid-2018 are statement ceilings. Whether you use paint, wallpaper or any other alternative, pampering your ceiling to create something bold and wild has seriously made an impression on its audience. The fact that the colour/design hovers above the room creates an unexplainable effect, something that looks gorgeous and can truly bring out the Spring in your home.

3. Replace Your Curtains

This is probably a pretty standard duty for season change - In Winter, you are going to want dark, thick curtains that keep the cold and light out, ready for a cosy evening in. Whereas in the Summer the natural light and warmth will arrive from the outside, so you are going to want something thin and bright. The exposure of the sun, the noise of the cheeping birds and the returning sun entering the home is what makes Spring, Spring. The transformation from dark, short days to sunny, blue, longer days makes our year, and replacing your curtains will help emphasise and welcome that.

4. Silk

If you are looking for an excuse to involve some silk into your home, Spring is the perfect time to do so. Like we just mentioned, this season marks the beginning of longer, sunnier days, which just gives you more of an excuse to make the home more comfortable and decorative. Silk, a natural, soft material can help refresh the comfort of your bedding, for example - after all, it is the first and last thing you see each day, so you might as well take the opportunity into making it a spot you love most in the home. 

5. Plants

Again, this is probably a pretty standard and obvious feature in "Spring-ified" homes. Including some beautiful flowers and cacti in the home will definitely create the seasonal effect. Not only do they have attractive benefits to the home, but their presence makes the atmosphere a lot healthier, and have a lot of mental benefits also. For the best effect, pick out some colourful, bold flower pieces and situate them in areas of your home where they are exposed to visitors and the sun.

6. Candles

Put away those winter-themed, Christmas cookie and peppermint smelling candles and get out those  Spring candles. Scented candles are a trend all-year round, but with the thousands of scents available for you to purchase online and in store, you can choose candles for specific types of the year i.e. each season. You’ve got to remember that despite the return of the hot sun and rejuvenation of trees, plants and other wildlife, Spring is nothing compared to Summer, so the weather will still occasionally be cold and wet - and during those times, scented candles are totally appropriate!

7. Repaint

Finally, having a little repaint of the home will definitely make your home look repaired and refreshed. Whether you decide to paint the kitchen a whole new colour, or just have a touch up of its current look, that with the combination of the Spring sun will make your home look proper attractive and brand new. In addition to this, if you do decide to paint a room a completely new colour, we would recommend going for a colour that not only suits your furniture but is appropriate to the season change also - including Marsala, Blue, Red and Sandstone etc.

Here at Giggs & Co, we like to give out our experts advice on transforming your home into its perfect one. We are also a dedicated team of estate agents, that can help give you a quick, easy and successful moving experience. Contact us today for any enquiries. 

Thank you for reading. 

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