Perry is a small village and civil parish in Cambridgeshire, on the shore of the reservoir Grafham Water. Perry is located approximately 6 miles south-west of Huntingdon and just a few miles away from St Neots. Until 1965, Perry was administered to be in the country of Huntingdonshire, but in 1974, following the Local Government Act, it became a part of the county of Cambridgeshire.

East and West Perry

The village of Perry used to be divided into two parts. East Perry was in the parish of Grafham and had a lower population than western Perry. West Perry was in the parish of Great Staughton, with the two combined to accommodate additional houses built between the two areas. The construction of the Grafham Water reservoir also led East Perry to be separated from Grafham.


In 1085, William the Conqueror requested that a survey was conducted across his kingdom to identify who owned what areas of land, and the value of the land. This survey was later known as the ‘Domesday Book’. In the book, only six households were recorded to be in West Perry where approximately 20 to 30 people lived. The settlement of West Perry was documented as ‘Pirie’ in the Domesday Book.


Today the village of Perry has a population of approximately 1800 people, with a Baptist Church, Post Office, watersport activity centre, a windsurfing retailer, a restaurant and a public house called ‘The Wheatsheaf’.

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