Cambridgeshire is the beautiful green county situated with 3 cities - Cambridge, Ely and Peterborough. Surrounding these 3 unique cities are towns such as St Neots, Huntingdon, March, St Ives, Wisbech and Chatteris etc. Cambridgeshire offers traditional, countryside lifestyles as well as varieties of expressed cultures and easy access to places such as Milton Keynes and London. 

In this article, we cover what to expect when living in some parts of Cambridgeshire and it’s lifestyle benefits.


Cambridgeshire overflows with history and culture; with the internationally-known university located in the city of Cambridge and the two cathedral cities recognised as Peterborough and Ely. Museums and art galleries educate tourists (and locals) on the historic wonders of Cambridgeshire, as well as the intriguing scenery, majestic buildings and wide variety of transportation options.

Ely and Peterborough have two gorgeous cathedrals that have been standing for over 1000 years. Anyone is welcome to visit either and enjoy what they both have to offer.



Just imagine, you are walking along a cobblestone pathway, expecting to cross the road, and whilst you are waiting, you see cars, buses, taxis and hundreds of bikes fly past you. The narrow roads of Cambridge have transportation in all directions, as the city is incredibly cycle-friendly and a park and ride is available, so commuting by car doesn’t always have to be an option.


Cambridge is the home of a number of prestigious colleges and universities. Some of these educational properties have been standing since the 1200’s, so history quite literally flows out of them. Furthermore, Cambridge offers not only several career/course opportunities for students but also accommodation (depending on where you go) for at least 3 years, so living in Cambridge can be quite convenient for most students.


Once you have graduated from college or university, your next step will probably be a career, or maybe you already have graduated, and you are moving to Cambridge with hopes to pursue your ambitions? Well, Cambridge is the home to research centres for well-known companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Amazon, as well as science parks and shopping centres where you can begin your careers or find a temporary job. This city will provide you with chances to work for the industry you are passionate about. 

In addition to this, Cambridge is neighbours to two well-known hospitals - Addenbrookes and Papworth. This is a lifestyle benefit to those that live in Cambridge because not only are they local to an emergency service if required, but it benefits those that want to pursue a career in the medicinal industry.


The scenery of Cambridgeshire are truly delightful sights to experience; If you move, or even visit Cambridge, you will notice that every direction thrives with nature, especially in the local Nature Reserves. Additionally, you can discover world-known plants at the Botanic Gardens, Cambridge University’s 40 acres of stunning gardens.

When touring the city, it is a necessity to do a punting tour down River Cam. Try out Cambridge’s traditional style of entertainment with a flat-bottomed boat and a relaxing trip to the historic, natural sights of River Cam. Learn insights about all of the landmarks you see with your very own friendly guide. 

On top of that, Cambridge is well known for its parks where events take place and people’s social lives usually bloom. The parks are a great open space which is regularly filled with families and group of friends doing lots or nothing. The potential and entertainment of each field distracts you from the surrounding traffic and allows you to genuinely express yourself.

Future Housing/Renting

The local council are aiming to build 14,000 new homes in and surrounding Cambridge by 2030. This gives new families opportunities to live close by and create new memories in the thriving city of Cambridge. This also gives students the opportunity to live close by to their education, so transportation isn’t always required - with a student population of 50,000, the rental market is active. 


Peterborough is one of the cathedral cities in Cambridgeshire, expected to be one of England’s fastest growing cities by 2025. This location is full of opportunities and lifestyle benefits that I will talk about today.

Location & Transportation

Car - Easy access to A1, so you can get to places like St Neots and Huntingdon relatively easily, simple commutable by car and about an hour and a half drive from London.

Bus - Over 12 regular routes from Monday through to Sunday are available with a 40-minute frequency. Maps are available printed or digitally that show all bus stops and shelters.

Bike - A variety of cycle routes are available all around the city, as well as bike shops to repair or to buy. Cycle stands are located around the town centre and it is advised you lock your bike up to prevent theft.

Train - Peterborough has it’s very own train station in the heart of the city. It has stops at places such as Huntingdon, St Neots, Sandy, Stevenage and even London. 


Peterborough offers a variety of lifestyles where you can pursue your ambitions. With leisure facilities, large shopping centres, digital businesses and other involved industries, there are so many career opportunities for you to choose from.


There are several different ways you can entertain yourself in Peterborough, whether your stay is permanent or temporary; You can have an educational visit to Vivacity Museum, a pricey day at Queensgate shopping centre, a fun family day at the water-sport centre, and so much more. 

In addition to this, if you enjoy football, you can go and support Peterborough United FC, the cities very own professional football club, or even the Peterborough Town cricket club.

Lifestyle Benefits

Like Cambridge, Peterborough has beautiful sights of nature scattered across the whole city. Furthermore, there are a number of nature walks including the relaxing stroll at the Peterborough Nature reserve, so moving here will give you an opportunity to have natural surroundings rather than a fully urban location.

St Neots

St Neots is the largest town in Cambridgeshire and has the third largest population with over 30,000 people. The thriving market town contains shops, restaurants, landmarks, parks and businesses like us located on the banks of the River Great Ouse. In terms of living, St Neots is family friendly and very ideal for those who need to travel to other towns/cities.

Location & Transportation

St Neots is very reliable for those who need to travel to places like Cambridge, Peterborough,  Huntingdon, Bedford or Milton Keynes. This is due to its number of transportation options and its mega easy access to the A1:

Car - Easy access to A1 and motorways, an hour drive to London, 18 miles from Cambridge, a variety of car garages, shops and petrol stations. 

Bus - There are over 14 buses that make stops all around St Neots, including the X5, a coach service that routes from Cambridge to Oxford with stops on the way.

Train - St Neots train station is located just on the border of Loves Farm, a huge housing estate. There is a direct train to London (an hour maximum) and another line that can get you to places such as Peterborough, Huntingdon and Stevenage. 


St Neots offers all sorts of different types of things to do whether it’s in the day or in the evening, for adults or for children. For instance, the charming town centre hosts a market every Thursday, selling products such as fruit and veg, meat, clothing or any other essentials. However, if markets aren’t your usual visit, there is a combination of furniture, clothing, food, and charity shops on the High Street that should be useful to you.  

  • The Rowley Arts Centre down Huntingdon street contains a cinema complex with restaurants such as Frankie and Benny’s and Pizza Express; the cinema does 3D and 2D showings for Juniors to 18 ratings. A great feature to have locally to your home.
  • One Leisure is an organisation that includes a number of facilities to take part in. For instance, you can go swimming in their awesome pool, play some sports in their halls, have a membership at their gym or take fitness classes and even allow your kids to have fun in Leo’s Fun Zone.
  • The neighbours of St Neots, also known as Wyboston, offers a hilariously fun water activities known as Ride Leisure. Have a go at their water skiing, paddle boarding, jet skiing or even their huge water inflatable.
  • A number of delicious restaurants and cafes.

… and so many more!


St Neots currently has over 20 primary schools, with Little Paxton Primary School, Priory Junior School and Middlefield Primary school being rated the top 3 primary schools by Ofsted. Once the children have graduated, they have two secondary schools to choose from, with Longsands Academy having an “outstanding” rating from Ofsted and amazing GCSE results from students annually. 

Thank you for reading. 


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