Well, this article would be a great read for you! Summer may be a great season to some - full of beaches, partying, adventure, sun, tanning, barbecues etc. However, unfortunately to us parents, it’s the time of the year we have to occupy our children for their 6 weeks summer holiday. Fortunately, this article will guide you through a selection of fun things to do and places to go to take your kids to cement your place as ‘Parent of the Year’.

Zoo & Wildlife Parks

Due to all of the animal tv programmes and merchandise being produced lately, the majority of the younger generation will grow up to adore animals, and thats why visiting a zoo or wildlife park is a great idea. Whether it is a huge elephant or a tiny little monkey, your children can experience brilliant attractions and nature up close. There are over 20 different attractions located around Cambridgeshire, all combined with thousands of species that you can discover.  Kick off your summer holidays with a roar.

Theme Parks & Fun Fairs

In regards to fun fairs, there are always temporary entertainment parks going on somewhere in Cambridge, you can check Facebook pages and the internet to find out where they are and when. 

On the other hand, theme / amusements parks can be a long and great day out for your family. All for an affordable price, you can visit places like Gulliver Land (Milton Keynes), Wicksteed Park (Kettering) or Rye Assic Adventure Park (Hoddesdon) and enjoy fun rides, whether thats the tea cups or those huge rollercoasters that go upside down, vibrant food and drink scenes and even a train ride around the whole park. Within these parks, lies unique attractions and entertainment ready for you to come partake in!

Aqua Parks

Over the past couple of years, aqua parks are becoming all the hype, especially for those adventurous families. In Cambridgeshire, a couple of parks have opened up their own inflatable obstacle coarse on their water for everyone to enjoy… at amazing prices, also! These aqua parks consist of a big inflatable floating on the water, some consisting of slides, rope swings, an obstacle course and a whole lot of water! 

On a more serious note, these organisations take their safety very seriously, and go through significant protocols before customers even enter the water, so you don’t have to worry about anything bad happening to you and your family. 

Cambridge’s Treasure Hunt

This particular event is suitable for the whole family and is located in Cambridge. This 2 mile trial route will have you exploring the whole of Cambridge from North to South, visiting places such as the River Cam and the shopping centres. In a nutshell, you will be solving answers to clues found on signs, plaques and buildings. This is an adventurous couple of hours with your family and friends and will definitely be more fun in the sun!

Maize Maze

This is a challenging maze, located in March, that is held annually for your children to participate in! Work your way through this ‘amaizeing’ maze, reaching to the centre then back out again, and don’t worry about getting lost, as the workers will guide you in the right direction. The Maize Maze also features fun tractor rides, one being a ‘Pesky Pigeon’ ride, where you might need a raincoat!

Your kids are spoilt for choice here, with a variety of fun activities to participate in, and then it is all changed next year (including the maze), so when you come back it will be brand new.


If you would like to take your children down the educational route, museums are a great attraction to do so! The combination of facts with extraordinary artefacts makes the journey a lot more interesting. There are several museums located around Cambridgeshire, all based on art, war, victorians, archeology, zoology and even some of its towns and cities (Cambridge, St Neots, Ely etc.) Additionally, a number of museums in Cambridge offer Summer at the museums, which is an organised children’s summer group. All events and activities are based on a lot of subjects, such as art, science athletics etc. all for everyone to enjoy and embrace their talents.  

Indoor & Soft Play Areas

This is a no brainer - kids LOVE these play areas, and, as a bonus, they are everywhere! Soft play areas entertain children for a few hours, where they can be silly, tire themselves out and even make new friendships with other children. For example, Peterborough is the home to ‘Activity World’, one of the UK’s biggest indoor and outdoor play areas, covering over 10,000sqft of floor, it’s a child’s heaven and happiness. Their summers should be filled with them.

Thank you for reading. Enjoy your holiday. 



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