We think it’s safe to say 2018 has flown by! As we reach the last 20 days of 2018, don’t you think we should be talking about what we should expect in 2019? From experience, each year interior design is becoming much more of a sophisticated necessity rather than an interest, and we have gathered our very own predictions for what we believe is going to make an arrival this 2019. Let’s get to it!

1. Velvet

Expect velvet to make a rising attendance in homes this year, as it becomes the “it” fabric. Unlike 2018 with its leather and soft moments, we predict velvet will be demanded to statement soft furnishing, as searches for velvet have apparently increased by 400% over the past few months and continues to rise. Whether you have velvet rugs, pillows, beds, sofas or even walls, this seductive material can really introduce modern comfort and sophistication to your home.

2. Dark Kitchens & Bathrooms

Maybe it’s just us, but the navy blue and black rooms have become highly attractive over the last few months. From the cabinets to the floors, the dark finishes creates pure luxury despite its simplicity. Preparing food in these sort of kitchens would be heaven. Similarly, dark bathrooms have been popular for quite some time, and we don’t believe it will be going anywhere any time soon. I don’t know about you, but it makes the bathrooms look like the Department of Mysteries in the Harry Potter films! This trend will definitely continue into revolutionary 2019. 

3. Constellations & Space

Think about sophisticated astronomy - star signs, galaxy murals, constellations, the whole solar system! We haven’t seen much of this but it has lately been shooting across the fashion and interior galaxy, and we expect to see more in 2019. It’s time you got into trend, and with the inspiration of space, you can make your home look delicately stunning with this out-of-this-world look. 

4. Glass

We don’t just mean vases and ornaments - we mean doors, dividers, tables and even cabinets! We get it, this point can be quite controversial, as it might not be entirely appropriate for homes with young children and crazy pets running about, but if it’s suitable, glass features can really boost the intricacy in your home. Every year we witness the remarkable progress with uses of materials as we help our clients sell and buy their homes - the patterns some glass materials showcase can be truly mesmerising, it is definitely worth a consideration. 

5. Colour Of The Year

In 2018 it was announced that the inventive and imaginative Ultra Violet was the colour of the year, and whilst 2019 hasn’t officially been announced yet, there has been lots of speculation of what it could be. According to Pantone, Living Coral is the chosen one. That’s right - the vibrant, animating colour will energise the year of 2019.

6. Eco-Friendly 

It’s about time we did more to help the environment, the Earth is our home and we have got to protect it! That’s why, in 2019 we are expecting not only some gorgeous new decorative and eco-friendly decor, but hopefully new adaptive technology that will have no impact on the planet and its resources. For example, we are seeing a lot of ‘recyclable art’ which consists of sculptures and other pieces of art made out of recycled products - this not only helps the environment but makes your home look exceptionally stylish!

7. Gloss

The effect glossy finishes can have on a whole room is fascinating! The neat style creates an immaculate personality in the room, especially if it is a basic colour such as white. This has become extremely popular in 2018 but we predict it a continued sight to enjoy in 2019. 

8. Futuristic

By “Futuristic”, we more mean “Advanced”. Technology has become so advanced that we couldn’t possibly live without it - the possibilities are becoming endless! From voice-controlled assistants to 3D printed homes, technology can seriously change our lifestyle. As a result of this, expect a continued outburst of epic inventions that can really improve the modern sophistication of your home. 

9. Less Is More

This isn’t just a trend for 2019 - it’s been said for years and will continue to, don’t be a hoarder! No-one likes a “spammed” home, it doesn’t look comfy or healthy let alone sophisticated! Make up more storage space and throw out a few unneeded things, or buy a bit more storage space and have an organise. The less on show, the more delicate personality blooms…

10. Cosy

Finally, especially as it is Winter, get those snuggly blankets out! Having your throws and cosy pillows out on show will really complete the luxurious comfort look in your home, as well as you can keep warm whilst being lazy. This is also a trend that has been around since the Winter season has, so it will long continue to be (until Summer hits…).


Thanks for reading!

Our 2019 Interior Design Predictions Feature