Realistically, you can’t move into your dream home without selling your current property first - and one of the best opportunities to wow your potential buyers is during a viewing. So, we want to lend a helping hand by giving you a few of our top tips on preparing your home for a viewing. This way, your home can look more appealing to buyers…

1. Let the light in

When it comes to making your home look good to buyers, natural lighting is probably your best friend. Especially during sunny days, opening the curtains and letting the light in can create a comfortable and appealing environment. Also, it allows potential buyers to have a clear perspective of the property, instead of sitting in a gloomy, lifeless room - which isn't ideal.

2. Declutter

When reading up on preparation and organisation, the word “declutter” is bound to come up! After all, if a potential buyer walked into a home packed full of clutter, it can be slightly overwhelming and completely cause them to walk out of the door. Therefore, keep the rooms simple and tidy - the buyers aren’t here to look at your belongings, they are here to look at the space and condition of the home, to determine whether it’s right for them.  

3. Consider what’s trendy

Regarding the floors, walls and ceiling, do some research on what’s the most appealing to buyers lately, then consider implementing them into your home to boost viewing impressions. We aren’t suggesting to redecorate of your current property, because that is a waste of money and time. However, changing a few features wouldn’t hurt anyone!

4. Organise your pets and children

As much as we adore them, you don’t want your potential buyers being distracted by your pets and children. House viewings are important to both buyer and seller, so you don’t want your little ones interrupting or your buyers to be allergic or put off by the animals. 

Therefore, during just the viewing, we would find them their own entertainment space - somewhere they can still run around and play during the viewings.

5. Don't forget your exterior

Whilst the interior is a priority to most, more and more buyers are becoming quite fussy with gardens nowadays. Therefore, make sure you dedicate some time on sprucing up your front and back garden, as well as your driveway and the outside of your building. 

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Thanks for reading.

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