St Neots is a humble market town situated in west Cambridgeshire, found around the banks of the River Great Ouse. As well as being the largest town in the county, with a population of 40,000, St Neots has plenty to offer. Whether you are visiting or even thinking about moving here, this town will not disappoint. 

As Giggs & Company are based in St Neots, and we have a lot of property listings located in this town, we have gathered 8 great reasons you should consider moving to the historical town of St Neots. Are you ready? 

1. Transport Access to Excellent Places

From where this town is located, St Neots offers many transportation options which gain you access to many towns and cities in the South West region. For example, the town is right next to the A1, giving you easy drives to Cambridge, Bedford, Milton Keynes and Huntingdon. However, if you don’t drive there are regular bus schedules that can take you to college or work from as far as Oxford. St Neots is also the home to a useful train station with a direct train straight to London. Therefore, living here will give you the ability to get to other towns and cities, even the capital of the country easily in no time.

2. Weekly Markets

Every Thursday St Neots’ centrepiece hosts a market full of interesting and useful things you can buy. From meats and vegetables to clothing, there are several stalls pitched out on the Market Square which is bombarded with locals looking for bargains! Living in St Neots gives you the opportunity to either get involved with the market or simply visit and potentially purchase, providing you with easy access to valuables and necessities.

3. A Lot of Places to Eat, Drink & Stay

Whether you are looking to go out for a meal, out for a drink and party, or simply an accommodation for the night, St Neots has got you covered. Let’s go through one by one, shall we? 

If you are looking for a place to go out and eat, there are a variety of restaurants, cafes and pubs offering all-day service for your hungry bellies. Regardless if it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or a late night takeaway, this functional town is the home to plenty of cuisine options.  

Planning a night out? St Neots has a number of well-known pubs, including The Weeping Ash (Wetherspoons) and The Corner House which is recommended for a good night out with the friends and family. The weekend evenings transform the High Street into a busy party full of locals looking for a great night out. 

After your meal or night out, maybe you are looking for a place to stay? Well, St Neots provides you with a number of hotels or inns where anyone can stay, including the iconic Premier Inn. Sure, if you are planning on moving to the town, you obviously aren’t going to need one, but it is always useful information to have.

4. Leisure

As well as eating, drinking and sleeping, you are going to want things to do, right? Especially if you have children with adventurous minds and small attention spans. Furthermore, living here gives you the ability to live close by to the Leisure centre, where over 70 dance, sport and leisure clubs take place every week that you and your family can participate in. With a swimming pool and a gym also on offer, there is always something to do! St Neots also boasts it’s own museum, a library, fun zone’s for kids, a six-screen Cineworld, a trampoline park and a water park just located on the outskirts. 

5. Stunning Trails

Whilst St Neots offers an excellent, functional Urban location to live, there are also some stunning countryside walks you can go on to ease the mind. With Riverside Park, Pocket Park and Priory Park located around the town, you have the opportunity to have fun family walks and picnics, as well as jogs and dog walks. Whatever the purpose, St Neots’ nature is a truly underrated sight to see - where rivers flow, grass sways and sun sets in the distance. We love the natural beauty impact this town has on us, and you should see it too. 

6. Schools

Currently, in St Neots, there are two secondary schools, Ernulf Academy and Longsands Academy, a Sixth-form College and around 14 primary schools found in St Neots. Moving to St Neots will give your children an excellent chance to earn their education and start their careers with definite educational services provided. From learning how to count to ten to completing their A-levels, St Neots is a perfect town to do so, all locally! 

7. The High Street 

I know we have mentioned this already, but the High Street boasts a number of useful and well-known stores that you can visit and purchase goods! With shops such as Mountain Warehouse, Beales, Water Stones, Holland and Barrett etc. you can spend a few hours browsing and buying your goods without having to leave the town. In the spaces in-between, lives charity shops, hairdresser’s banks, supermarkets and restaurants. 

8 Regular Events

Finally, St Neots is also the host to a number of celebratory events and activities you can visit and participate in. For example, every Christmas there is an annual Christmas light switch-on, where the whole High Street transforms into a wonderland of fair rides and candy floss, ready for the big light switch-on and firework display at the end of the night. There have also been fairs, circuses, Dragon boat races, outdoor cinemas etc. all branded as successful, happy nights. Living here gives you the opportunity to witness the town’s folk getting together, celebrating and having fun all in one place. 

So there are the 8 reasons why you should consider moving to St Neots. Here at Giggs and Company, we have a number of properties based in St Neots on offer, all which could potentially be your dream home! Get in contact with us today for any enquiries or for any more information.

Thank you for reading.


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