Cambridgeshire has an overall house average price of £306,998. Whether you have a budget of half of a million or are just curious about what’s available, this article will be discussing what could be revealed when viewing a £500,000 property.


Half a million may be a lot of money, but it’s hardly difficult to find properties within this budget range. In Cambridgeshire, there are a large number of properties that fit this match - from large countryside homes to city-living apartments! For example, Giggs & Co currently have £500,000 properties on the market in Offord Cluny, Gamilingay, Eynesbury and Buckden, which are all very different areas within the region. 

Realistically, this type of money opens up a variety of different location opportunities. So, whether you want to live by the river, in a busy neighbourhood or even the middle of nowhere, there is bound to be a property for you somewhere.

Style & Design

These days the style and design of a home are becoming more and more important. With interior and exterior trends changing on an annual basis, the style, theme, colours, materials and overall presentation can always make a little difference on the house prices. £500,000 is a versatile amount of money, so it’s normal for you to have quite high expectations with style, design and refurbishment when researching for your dream home. 

Despite this, it's very important you know that the style and design of a home are more for presentation, rather than a price difference. Sure, having a huge rear-extension could increase the value of the property, but when it comes to more minor jobs such as painting a wall or repairing the ceiling, that is more directed to impress the eyes of the audience.

As a result of this, if you are planning on selling your home, focusing on your style and design can make a big impact on your given attention. On the other hand, if you are planning on buying a home with a £500,000 budget, always remember that style and design can be changed and strategically, shouldn't be the top priority. 


To the majority of home buyers, the interior is one of the most important parts of a home to view. After all, your impressions of the property inside allow you to imagine future living arrangements and judge whether it's right for you and your family. With such money, there are probably a number of properties out there with an interior matching your personal criteria - regardless if you are focusing on size or condition etc.

Therefore, from our predictions, expect half a million to be the halfway point from domestic living to luxury living.


A little tip to remember when buying/selling a home is that gardens aren't always a huge priority to some buyers. We aren't suggesting that you completely neglect your garden, but the exterior is definitely considered the 'personal touch' of a property - The outdoors give the owners the opportunity to express their own version of both nature and modern living combined, therefore, make sure it looks impressive to the viewer but don't spend all of your refurbishings on that one focus.

As well as the interior, the appearance of property's gardens are slowly becoming more of a significant focus, so don't be surprised if you come across some impressive gardens during your viewings (whatever your budget!).

In addition to this, we aren’t just talking about back gardens! The exterior also includes driveways, garages and fencing! Moreover, based on our research, half a million could open up the opportunity for private fencing, big garages and large driveways.

Giggs & Company

As a result of this, £500,000 is an amount that can provide you with a great standard of living in Cambridgeshire, but that doesn’t mean that anything more or less could be your dream home! Here at Giggs & Company, we are an estate agency with a number of gorgeous and different properties available. Contact us today for any viewings! 

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