Spring is a gorgeous season - the outside world goes from cold, wind and snow to the morning sun, flowers blooming and overall warmer nature. As an estate agency, we know that Spring is the peak season where couples and families come out of hibernation, after celebrating Christmas and New Year, ready to sell their home.

We know we are still in Winter, but preparing to move a few months ahead will help keep you organised and will make the process overall a lot less rushed and stressful. For now, here are four great reasons as to why you should consider moving in the Spring.

1. Buyers Come Out of Hibernation

Due to the days becoming longer and the sun coming out to play, couples and families will begin to come out of the Christmas hibernation ready for a hunt for their new home. As I said, Spring is still the most active time in the estate agency industry, so moving home in this time will give you the opportunity to have first dibs at the first property listings of the year!

2. The Spring Sun

When viewing a property, you are probably hoping to look around at the best time - the best lighting can make the home can look absolutely stunning, making you fall in love with it at first sight, which can always be a great first memory of the new home. With the sun shining and the plants blooming, your exterior looks like a wonderland and the natural light can truly compliment the interior of your home.  

3. Fits Perfectly in The School Year

This point will obviously only be valid to you if you have children, but moving within the school summer holidays can be extremely stressful, as you now have the responsibility of your children whilst trying to move home, and the majority would say that this combination can blow the roof off of your stress levels. Additionally, moving home in the Spring fits in perfectly with school times, so you are able to settle in the new neighbourhood a few months before the new school year starts in the Summer sun.

4. Perfect New Years Resolution

As it’s a new year, it is the perfect time to try new things, make new goals! And why not do exactly that by moving home. It is a great opportunity to explore new designs, arrangements, styles and even locations. Whether you move far away from your current home or try a completely new city, it is an exciting new years resolution you simply couldn’t avoid!

Well, that is why Spring would be a great time to sell your home and start a new adventure. Be sure to get in contact with us for any enquiries!

Thank you for reading.

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